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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Custom Athletic Faceguards

Comfortable injury prevention for athletes

Most of the athletes we work with have suffered a facial fracture (nasal, jaw, and/or orbit) and have been referred by a physician to reduce risk of additional injury. Our custom- fabricated protective faceguards are made for athletes who wish to continue to practice and/or compete during healing. We make custom faceguards for professional athletes as well as high school and college athletes who compete in soccer, basketball, baseball and wrestling.

Our anaplastologists have a comprehensive understanding of craniofacial anatomy. We communicate with your physician regarding the specifics of your injuries and design a faceguard to protect your area of injury. We customize the openings for your eyes for maximum protection, while minimizing obstruction of peripheral vision. Straps are individualized for your sport to ensure that your faceguard stays in place.

We invite you and your referring healthcare provider to contact us with questions and to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Athletic trainers and healthcare providers can click here for information about patient referral.

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Questions You May Have

What about off-the-shelf and mail-order faceguards?

Faces come in many shapes and sizes, making a one-size-fits-all faceguard problematic. Athletes report that off-the-shelf faceguards obstruct peripheral vision and do not fit comfortably. The protective value of a faceguard is dependent upon an accurate facial mold. If the mold is not made by an expert and properly handled it can easily distort—resulting in a poor fit. A faceguard that arrives in the mail may be fine, but if not properly fitted it will not protect you well or feel comfortable.

How is a faceguard made?

We make a full facial mold using gentle materials that will not re-injure recent fractures. We consult your facial surgeon for details about your fracture and adapt the model of your face to protect your area of injury. We fabricate the faceguard, which usually takes 3 to 5 business days. We see you for a custom fitting to verify an accurate fit, adjust the eye openings, and ensure that the straps work for your sport. Your physician should approve the completed faceguard and authorize the return to your sport. You should verify the rules for competition within your sport to ensure that the faceguard is allowed during competition.

How soon after injury can I begin?

Your physician determines how soon we can begin – usually just a few days after the injury or surgical repair. If you still have sutures in place, we will protect them during the facial mold. Orbital and complex fractures may require more time before your surgeon advises that you have molds made.

What if I can't get to your office?

Patients are seen in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Periodically, we travel to South Bend and Indianapolis, Indiana, where molds can also be made. If you cannot come to one of our offices, we may be able to partner with a provider in your area to make the facial mold and verify the final fit.

Are custom faceguards covered by insurance?

Faceguards are not usually covered by insurance because they may not be medically necessary. For this reason we require a deposit when the mold is made and payment in full upon delivery. We will complete a claim form for you as a courtesy, but we cannot take responsibility for pre-determination, prior authorization or follow up on claims for faceguards. Some colleges and universities provide insurance for athletes that may cover the cost of the faceguard.