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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Adding Value to your Team

Please consider us a resource — we are happy to answer your questions about reconstructive prostheses and our process. In addition to prosthetic restoration, call us for surgical planning, post-surgical stents and protective masks for athletes.

Vistafix Implant System

Your patients may benefit from osseointegrated craniofacial implants for secure retention of auricular, orbital and nasal prostheses. Our anaplastologists can assist with pre-surgical planning that identifies ideal location and angle of implants. We can also help coordinate with Vistafix/Cochlear Americas representatives for education and training needs. We are available to attend surgical procedures as a consultant in addition to a Vistafix/Cochlear Americas representative.

Patient Models as a Surgical Aid

We enjoy working with surgeons to assist with procedures that do not involve prosthetics. We create three-dimensional surgical guides and patient models. For example, when surgical ear reconstruction is planned, we can create a model that is an exact mirror image of the unaffected side. Both positive and negative models can be provided. Call us with your innovative ideas for ways we can assist you.

Patient Education Models

We also create three-dimensional prototype models for patient education. Our Mohs Surgery–Layered Excision Model is currently in production in response to renewed interest by dermatological surgeons.