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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics


Although our offices are in Wisconsin, we have provided anaplastology services–facial, digital (finger and toe), and breast prosthetic restoration for patients from almost every state and as far away as Syria. When patients travel to our office for care, we devote our time exclusively to that individual until their prosthesis is completed — usually in a few days. Our Milwaukee office is just 12 miles northwest of Mitchell International Airport. We are happy to recommend hotel accommodations.


Our main office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is located one block west of I-894, and just 3 blocks south of Oklahoma Avenue. We are in a new building called Greenfield Place. Because 103rd Street dead-ends just south of our office Oklahoma Avenue is the only access.

Medical Art Resources, Inc.

3400 S. 103rd St.
Suite 200
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227
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Our Madison office is a shared location with Prosthetic Dental Associates of Madison.

Medical Art Resources, Inc.

406 Science Drive, Ste. 402
Madison, WI. 53711.
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Satellite locations

We also see patients periodically in:
• South Bend, Indiana
• Indianapolis, Indiana
• Charlotte, North Carolina
• Kansas City, Missouri (Children’s Mercy Hospital & Clinics) NEW!
• Phoenix, Arizona (International Center of Education for the Advancement of Silicone Prosthetics) NEW!