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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics
Ear (Microtia)

Ear (Microtia)

Each ear prosthesis is individually designed to restore aesthetic balance and symmetry to the face, providing support for eyeglasses and hearing devices. When the ear canal is present, the prosthesis improves hearing by directing sound toward the ear opening.

An auricular prosthesis (prosthetic ear) may be needed due to:

  • Congenital conditions of the ear — such as microtia
  • Surgery — cancer or tumor removal
  • Traumatic injury— traffic accidents, burn injury or other trauma

You can expect an ear prosthesis uniquely created for you. Everything about our process – from determining how your prosthesis will be retained to fabrication – is personalized to meet your needs.  We mimic the texture, color and translucency of your skin to create an auricular prosthesis with a natural appearance. Your ear prosthesis will be lifelike, comfortable, secure, durable and safe.


Many patients are born with a small or underdeveloped external ear—a condition called microtia.  Atresia, or absence of the ear canal, usually accompanies microtia. Microtia may be an isolated condition or part of an identified syndrome, such as Treacher Collins, Hemifacial Microsomia, Goldenhar Syndrome or Nager Syndrome.

Child with microtia


Medical Art Resources is a talented team that takes pride in their work and cares for those that seek their services. I appreciate how flexible everyone is—especially with visits for fittings. Young adult patient with ear prosthesis due to microtia