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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Caring for your Ear Prosthesis

Generally, silicone prostheses are removed daily to be cleaned, and to allow for cleaning of the underlying skin. We provide our patients with personalized instructions for daily wear and care. We schedule a follow-up consultation after delivery of your prosthesis to ensure your comfort with long-term wear and care. Our prostheses are easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, foamed ethyl alcohol or dye-free dish soap. Periodic replacements are necessary to maintain acceptable aesthetics and hygiene of the prosthesis and underlying tissue.

Questions You May Have

How often should I return to your office?

Annual recall appointments can prolong the useful life of your ear prosthesis. We will thoroughly clean your prosthesis, touch-up color and make any necessary repairs. Patients with craniofacial implants should initially be seen every six months to check the skin around the abutments and the design of the prosthesis.

Detail of ear prosthesis showing veins and freckles

How long does a prosthesis last?

A silicone ear prosthesis lasts between one and three years depending on a number of factors, such as work and home environment, sun exposure, skin type and hygiene. In most cases, a prosthesis can be reproduced using your archived mold in only one or two appointments. When facial growth or contour change has occurred, it may be necessary to remake your mold.

Caring for an ear prosthesis