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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Our ear reconstruction process

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Questions You May Have

How is an ear prosthesis made?

Each prosthetic ear is custom-made in our own laboratory ensuring high quality and individual design. Our process requires three to five appointments in addition to the initial consultation.

  • Molds are made of the ear region using gentle materials.
  • The shape is carefully sculpted and tried on as we establish a natural contour and fit.
  • Five or more colors are formulated to match individual skin-tones using health grade silicone.
  • When the sculpture is complete, we fabricate a durable mold which allows for reproduction of the prosthesis.
  • We meticulously paint every skin detail using your color formulae in your mold.
  • The ear prosthesis is checked for precise fit, and color details, such as freckling, are delicately painted.
  • Wear and care instructions are demonstrated so that your ear prosthesis can be used with confidence.

Making a custom ear prosthesis

What are appointments like?

We enjoy spending time with patients as we work, but we are as efficient as possible. Some appointments are lengthy (2-to-6 hours) because our work is highly detailed. You can help us by wearing neutral colors (grey, black, tan or white) to your appointments.

How long does it take to get an ear prosthesis?

We typically see patients weekly to complete an ear prosthesis in about one month. We accommodate patients from across the country by consolidating appointment schedules to minimize time away from home–completing the prosthesis in just a few days. When craniofacial implants are selected to retain the prosthesis, two additional appointments are needed before implant placement. Then the implants must heal for at least three months before prosthetic fabrication.

Are ear prostheses covered by medical insurance?

Ear prostheses are reconstructive—and are generally physician ordered to replace a missing or malformed ear. Most medical insurance policies cover ear prostheses when ordered by a physician as a medical necessity. We are patient advocates and, with your permission, will prior authorize the treatment plan you select and help you pre-determine your benefits.