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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

How to begin

Understanding your needs is key to creating a facial prosthesis you can wear with confidence. We invite you and your referring healthcare provider to contact us with questions and to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Upon request, we can secure a Spanish language interpreter for the consultation.

Call our office at 1-877-203-7829 toll-free or email

Questions You May Have

Why should a patient be seen before tumor surgery?

We recommend a pre-surgical consultation with tumor patients prior to surgical removal of any part of the face when immediate surgical reconstruction is not expected. This gives us an opportunity to prepare pre-surgical molds and photographs, which assist with future procedures. In some cases, craniofacial bone anchored implants can be inserted during cancer surgery reducing the waiting period for completion of an orbital, nasal or auricular (eye, nose or ear) prosthesis.

How soon can facial prosthetic treatment begin?

It is important to allow at least six weeks of healing following injury or surgery. We are happy to meet new patients for an initial consultation during healing so that you can learn more about facial prosthetic restoration. Radiation therapy may delay prosthetic treatment.

What information is needed from the referring health care provider?

We require a physician’s order before we begin fabrication, but not for the initial appointment. Clinical notes from your physician are helpful and sometimes required for insurance authorizations.