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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Creating a Finger or Toe Prosthesis

We keep care simple, personal and streamlined. We listen to our patients and answer questions thoroughly. Our office is designed for patient comfort and convenience.

Everything about our process—from determining how your finger, hand or toe prosthesis will be retained to fabrication — is personalized to meet your needs. We mimic the texture, color, and translucency of your skin to create a finger, hand or toe prosthesis with a natural appearance. We craft custom acrylic nails that can be polished if desired. When space allows, we construct a framework inside prosthetic fingers that enable adjustment of finger position. You can expect a prosthesis uniquely created for you that is lifelike, comfortable, secure, durable and safe.

Questions You May Have

How is a digital prosthesis made?

Each finger, hand or toe prosthesis is custom-made ensuring high quality and individual design. Our process requires four appointments in addition to the initial consultation.

  • Molds are made of the affected area using gentle materials.
  • The shape of the prosthesis is carefully sculpted as we establish a natural contour.
  • When the sculpture is complete, we fabricate a durable mold which allows for reproduction of the prosthesis.
  • A prototype is tried on and modifications are made until a secure fit is achieved.
  • The fingernail or toenail is back-painted.
  • We meticulously paint every skin detail using your color formulae.
  • The prosthesis is checked for precise fit.
  • Wear and care instructions are demonstrated so that your prosthesis can be used with confidence.

Custom-colored finger prosthesis.

What are appointments like?

We enjoy spending time with patients as we work, but are as efficient as possible. Some appointments are lengthy (2 hours) as we develop the shape, perfect the fit, and blend the prosthesis with your complexion. You can help us by wearing neutral colors (grey, black, tan or white) to your appointments.

Distal little finger prosthesis can help with typing.

How long does it take to make a finger, thumb, or toe prosthesis?

We typically see patients weekly to complete finger or toe prostheses in about one month. We accommodate patients from across the country by consolidating appointment schedules to minimize time away from home–completing the prosthesis in just a few days. When multiple fingers or toes are affected or a glove-style prosthesis is needed, more time is required.

Are finger and toe prostheses covered by medical insurance?

Digital prostheses are reconstructive—and are generally physician ordered to replace missing or malformed anatomy. Most medical insurance policies cover prosthetic devices when ordered by a physician as a medical necessity. We are patient advocates and, with your permission, will prior-authorize the treatment plan you select and help you predetermine your benefits.