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Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

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Yeehaw! International Anaplastologists Meet in Ft Worth

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We just returned from the 30th annual International Anaplastology Association conference in Fort Worth, Texas. The conference gives us the opportunity to learn from an impressive group of surgeons and colleagues from around the world and to attend workshops for hands-on experience with new techniques and materials. Julie, Megan and Rose each presented during the general session this year!

Julie was invited to speak about the conference theme of Synergistic Collaboration. The presentation focused on providing quality patient care when working with patients and surgeons from across the country. Methods of providing clear communication with ocularists, surgeons, nurses, and insurance providers were emphasized. Technology was discussed as a way of overcoming geographic barriers through the use of 3D imaging and surgical planning as well as 3D scanning and printing technologies.

Megan’s conference presentation “Techniques for Realistic and Durable Details in Facial Prostheses” was well received by colleagues. Megan highlighted several techniques developed at Medical Art Resources for inclusion of lifelike details such as eyelashes and eyebrows in facial prostheses. These seemingly small details of personal appearance are crucial to creating prostheses that look natural and are worn with confidence.

Rose presented her graduate thesis project, “The Development of an Orbital Prosthesis Workflow Using Advanced Digital Technologies.” Her research focused on the creation of a facial prosthesis through the use of technologies such as 3D printing, photogrammetry, laser scanning, and 3D sculpting. After her presentation, Rose was happy to answer questions by international colleagues from Canada, Colombia, and South Africa.

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