Medical Art Resources

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Restoring Confidence with Lifelike Prosthetics

Why Choose Us

We’re specialists in Clinical Anaplastology with an international reputation for excellence in prosthetic design and patient service. We envision absent anatomy and create a prosthesis that completes the whole with convincing naturalism. Our goal is to help you experience the sense of well-being that comes from restored appearance. A well-fitted, custom prosthesis made to match the individual details of your face or body gives you that self-assurance.


Established in 1988 by Julie Jordan Brown, Medical Art Resources has created thousands of lifelike prostheses for patients from around the world. An expert in clinical anaplastology, Julie regularly speaks at national and international conferences. Our team includes master’s-degreed anaplastologists with strong academic credentials, exceptional artistic talent, and superior technical skills.


We are dedicated to providing state of the art prosthetic restoration to each of our patients. We exceed expectations for personal care and exceptional prosthetic rehabilitation through attention to every detail. We advocate on behalf of patients for coverage of reconstructive prosthetics with insurance providers.


Our certified clinical anaplastologists often partner with surgeons, therapists, ocularists, dental specialists and limb prosthetists to provide the best possible prosthetic outcome. We work regularly with physicians and healthcare providers. When needed, we refer patients to the appropriate specialist.


We selectively incorporate new materials and use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality prosthesis. We are experts in craniofacial bone-anchored implants. We creatively approach each patient with a focus on your individual needs.


As health care becomes increasingly complex, we keep care simple, personal and streamlined. We listen to our patients and answer questions honestly. Our office is designed for patient comfort and convenience. Based in Wisconsin, we accommodate patients from across the country by consolidating appointment schedules to minimize time away from home.


It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten my toe prosthesis and I’m loving it! When I met you, I knew you would try everything possible to help me with my toe. The calming and pleasant atmosphere of your office and professional staff made my experience wonderful. Thanks to you and your staff for your care in helping so many people. I am truly grateful.

Adult patient with toe prosthesis due to traumatic injury

I’ve been a patient of Julie’s since 1998. I feel very fortunate and appreciative that her talent as a medical artist is available in this area. Thank you!

Adult patient with nasal prosthesis due to cancer

Medical Art Resources is a talented team that takes pride in their work and cares for those that seek their services. I appreciate how flexible everyone is—especially with visits for fittings.

Young adult patient with ear prosthesis due to microtia

Thank you for helping me feel better about the appearance of my foot — now I am able to wear many new types of shoes. My knee pain has improved and my podiatrist says my gait is near normal.

Adult patient with great toe prosthesis due to traumatic injury

Julie Brown is exceptional not only in her profession, but also as a person. I feel fortunate having her in my life.

Adult patient with orbital prosthesis due to cancer

Julie does amazing work! She is thoughtful and professional at the same time. Glad to see she has found an associate who possesses the same qualities.

Parent of child with implant retained ear prosthesis due to microtia

I told my wife last night, that at the end of the day, the difference between your prosthesis and the one made here is that I don’t look forward to taking yours off… I prefer to leave it on, and I can’t wait to take the old one off. The prosthesis you made is much more comfortable to wear and way better looking.

Adult patient from California with midfacial prosthesis due to cancer

Julie and her staff have enabled me to maintain my active lifestyle, without pretense or judgment with respect to my fingers.

Adult patient with multiple finger prostheses due to traumatic injury

Julie is such a professional–warm and caring. She worked overtime to complete the prosthesis before I returned to New England for the summer.

Senior citizen with orbital prosthesis due to cancer

We were amazed at how natural the prosthesis looked and how well it fit. Julie truly is an artist. We are extremely satisfied.

Senior citizen with nasal prosthesis due to cancer